My Soulmate

soul mate
a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond

At first sight, the online dictionary’s definition of “soulmate” surprised me with its closeness to how I feel about the person whom I have married for almost a quarter of a century. Although the description is far from exhaustive and seems to incline toward a pretty picture, it is spot on with the matter of sharing.

Sharing is this non-replaceable ingredient for soulmateship.

With every decade Chui and I enter together, we realize that each comes with tougher terrains to negotiate through for the journey. Beyond romance (something twosomes shouldn’t neglect and yet can’t rely on entirely), sharing has become foundational in keeping our relationship alive. Sharing is huge in our lives!

We share tears, pain and brokenness in our lowest moments. We share fears and anxieties where we wish tomorrow never come. We share faith and worship, which centers the very essence of our soulmateship. We share in parenting, in leadership, and in perspective and practice while surrounded by our differences and disagreements.

So, with 2014 only a few days away, I have decided to intensify our practice of marital inclusiveness by sharing God and mortals with Chui. IMG_1419As I have a habit of taking a long blogging hiatus – my last two posts were between two Christmases – I’m hoping Chui can contribute to God and mortals, and ensure the blog doesn’t just awaken at the end of Advent, no matter how spiritually timed that may sound.

While I await and look forward to her first post, here’s to sharing three of the blogs my soulmate follows,

For fun: MrBrown, for fashion: The Sartorialist , for food: Chubby Hubby

Merry Christmas!

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