My Soulmate

soul mate
a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond

At first sight, the online dictionary’s definition of “soulmate” surprised me with its closeness to how I feel about the person whom I have married for almost a quarter of a century. Although the description is far from exhaustive and seems to incline toward a pretty picture, it is spot on with the matter of sharing.

Sharing is this non-replaceable ingredient for soulmateship.Continue reading “My Soulmate”


The kids came late in our marital journey. Having lived in our two-person world for 13 years, the arrival of Joseph felt like we had been run over by an elephant. He was the third party that invaded our world, gatecrashing our spiritual, social and sex life. Chui and I had agreed that there was no possibility of welcoming another mortal into our 2+1 world. Three years later, Chui was unexpectedly expecting again (we always say that but I wonder how did it happen), and Jada became part of the gang.

Kids are a gift from God. We have heard these words umpteen times and they are from Psalm 127. Honestly, there are moments children don’t seem like gifts especially when they are more like kids, as referring to young goats. By playing further with the meaning of “kids”, children can be as stubborn as a goat. I don’t disagree about children bringing heaps of joy and we hear that umpteen times too. I have always told Chui her greatest gift to me are the children.Continue reading “Kids”