Empty Cups


“Those who celebrate his birth know that this life is not the end of the story. Today, when we open this gift of grace, we are embraced by an eternal mystery. We open a gift of hope that breathes life into us, whispering that death is not the end…. Christ came so that we could fill the empty cup of sorrow with the wine of community and creativity.”

Makoto Fujimura

Christmas is the story of grace.

Grace has existed from the beginning of humankind and will continue to the end of history. Grace is epitomized by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. He centers the story of grace.

Makoto Fujimura in his book, Refractions: A Journey of Faith, Art, and Culture, writes of grace embracing us, breathing into us and inviting us to fill the empty cups. Grace is experiential and Jesus invites us into the experience.Continue reading “Empty Cups”

What’s your Christmas agenda?

Tonight, it would have been great heading out to the city for some Christmas shopping. But since Joseph was displaying symptoms of a faint flu, Chui and I decided to spend the evening at home and have the kids rest early. Furthermore, we had taken leave from work and were able to appreciate some enjoyable time with friends in the afternoon and as posted in Chui’s facebook status “she had finally taken out her BIG cooking pot after 9 years and felt so good using it like a reunion with her best friend”. Just a few days ago, we were also able to meet up with another non-church friend of whom we had a relational commitment of staying in touch with each other’s journey of life.Continue reading “What’s your Christmas agenda?”