Peace in the midst of Rumblings

Since March 11 there have been hundreds of aftershocks. This is my seventh time visiting Japan and I might finally get to experience the earth rumble. I stole the word from Clinton Shi’s pre-departure facebook status: “All set and ready to rumble, I hope” It is not that I am looking forward to earthquakes or aftershocks but in all my previous visits, the earth had maintained a relative calm. The Bible speaks about a calm (peace) that passes all understanding.

Checking in at Changi International, I was greeted with the information from fellow peacemakers that the radiation levels at the Fukushima plant had been raised to the highest rating. That integrated into our understanding. While having lunch at Changi, the server inquired about our flight destination and upon knowing where we were heading for, continued with a response that she and her girlfriend had cancelled their trip to Japan because they were “afraid to die”.Continue reading “Peace in the midst of Rumblings”

Four Funerals

Over the weekend, I had an encounter with four funeral wakes. It started on Saturday morning with a drive to Ang Mo Kio town where I was looking for block 213, the wake’s exact location. It is common and convenient in Singapore for wakes to be organized at the ground level (known as void decks) of the nation’s most “iconic” architecture – the government flats built by the Housing Development Board. Also, it is not difficult to spot a funeral wake as it comes with distinctive decorations that tell the nature of the ceremony.Continue reading “Four Funerals”