My Soulmate

soul mate
a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond

At first sight, the online dictionary’s definition of “soulmate” surprised me with its closeness to how I feel about the person whom I have married for almost a quarter of a century. Although the description is far from exhaustive and seems to incline toward a pretty picture, it is spot on with the matter of sharing.

Sharing is this non-replaceable ingredient for soulmateship.Continue reading “My Soulmate”

Constants and Variables

I attended a beautiful wedding two nights ago. It was a celebration over great food of a couple’s new journey initiated by their marital vows to each other. One highlight of the evening has to be the excellent videographing and post-production work in capturing the tradition of gatecrashing by the bridegroom at the bride’s home (I hope to have a link here to that video clip if Kane and Yvette Chua do upload it somewhere). With this customary practice, the husband-to-be has to negotiate through an expected ambush of obstacles contrived usually by the maids-in-waiting before he could be granted entrance into the bride’s home so as to take her away for their new journey together.Continue reading “Constants and Variables”

Stress, Spruce and Surprise

Today in the morning, Chui informed me that she was experiencing pain on the left side of her jaw. It so happened that since I was having an appointment with the dentist, I suggested to Chui to allow the dentist to have an oral view, and if he could not spot anything wrong then I would bring her to see a general practitioner.  Closing in on our destination, it dawned upon me that about 2 nights ago, I had heard Chui grinding her teeth. I brought it up to her and told her to highlight this returning disorder to the dentist.

I said, “returning” because about 10 years ago Chui had informed this same dentist about her frequent routine during her sleep. The dentist had diagnosed it as stress-related and implied that Chui’s longing for a child could be responsible for making her a teeth grinder. True enough when Joseph arrived, Chui stop grinding. Continue reading “Stress, Spruce and Surprise”