This space reflects a journey of participation and anticipation. God imagined and gave us creation. Mortals rebelled and creation became severely damaged. God reimagined and gave us new creation set in motion by Jesus Christ. God has been persuading mortals to participate in creation and anticipate for the new creation, where Christ will fully intervene in making all things new on earth as it is in heaven.

I’m Dale and the other mortal in the photo is my friend, lover and mother of our two kids. Chui and I have been married for thirty-two years and we continue to enjoy doing life together. We lead at Evangel Family Church, serve as social capital advisers to Cape of Colours and affirm the arts for its enormous potential to build bridges of redemption. The excitement of and energy from following Christ (not church or religion) has immensely transformed our perspective and practice. Our regrets are that we didn’t get to discover this simple but irresistible truth earlier.

We are always asking ourselves, “What is life about?”, provoking us to confide in God’s Spirit for wisdom and courage in reimagining on how we should live and lead. Our fulfillment is for you to plug into the big story of making all things new.

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